November 2005 Issue Preview
The slaying of Demon Mahisha by a goddess named Shakti
      There's nothing more gratifying than witnessing an expression of a belief that the good always wins. The beauty of this expression lies in the creative work that weaves a story and the elegance of its execution.
      On Sept. 17 at the Middleton Performing Arts Center, the Natyarpana Dance Company presented such a high definition Indian classical performance based on Indian mythology. --
by Heidi M. Pascual
After the Vietnam War: Healing of hearts
Mile Boehm's tribute to peace

      Mike Boehm spent much of his life trying to escape from his role in the Vietnam War. Although he did not take part in the events at My Lai, he is burdened by a relentless sense of guilt over the events of that day and other atrocities that occurred during the Vietnam War. He is also burdened by anger toward a government that he says "duped its children."
by Laura Salinger
AsiaPop: A look at cultures across the sea
North Korea online: e-commerce, e--communism

      Among the many miracles that the Internet is credited with producing is the proliferation of democratic thought and the freedom of speech that it bestows upon any community it comes into contact with... --
by Ben Freund
Rotary Group Study Exchange
A personal report from Taiwan (Part 2)

      We said goodbye to our Taipeh host families and other Rotarian hosts after a few days and took a twisty trip to Yilan by car. After some initial wooziness from the drive, we settled into our homes in what the locals proudly called "Taiwan's countryside -- a place where the pace of life and traffic are much slower than in Taipeh." --
by Renee Moe
United Refugee Services of Wisconsin presents a Summerfest
It was two full days of glorious exposure to a wealth of culture offered by various individuals and groups at the URSW's Summer Festival Aug. 27 and 28 at Reindahl Park.
      Healthy competition was the order of the festival -- from singing to dancing (individual and solo), to sports and beauty contests. Participants came from throughout Wisconsin and many from as far as Minnesota. --
by Heidi M. Pascual
Thuy Pham-Remmele:
From North to South ... from Saigon to Madison

She grew up in chaos. Literally. Born to a wealthy couple in Hanoi in northern Vietnam, Thuy Pham-Remmele started her life in a secure, stable home. That all changed when her country, plagued by long-standing wars, divided in two, and thousands of North Vietnamese refugees headed south.
      ...."It is very hard for people on the outside to understand Vietnam and its people. We did learn that we have to decide our own destiny." --
by Laura Salinger
Anisa Yanti Phillips
Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2005

      During the national live telecast of the 2005 Miss Teen-USA pageant, which was aired on NBC in August, Wisconsin residents were able to catch a glimpse of an accomplished Asian American woman in the contest. Stevens Point's own Anisa Yanti Phillips, 18, represented Wisconsin in the 23rd annual Miss Teen-USA pageant in Baton Rouge, La. Phillips, who is of Malaysian Descent, is the second Asian American to represent Wisconsin at the national teen pageant. --
by Robin Hansen
Other Columns, Sections, and Stories:
*  Adho Mukha Svanasana,
by Regina Cowell
Why marriage equality matters, by Al Poliarco
Are memories to keep or to tell?, by Paul Kusuda
Peace with honor: U.S. withdrawal, by Wis. Dept. of Veterans Affairs Sec. John Scocos
Dr. Judith Ladinsky, by Maya Ghayyad
*  News from Home and around US
*  Domestic abuse in the Hmong community (Part 2),
by Mai Zong Vue
*  Hmong's death calls for government program review, by Susan Hughes
*  Chai Vang verdict: "Guilty," by Kenny Tanemura
*  Happenings around town,
by Anita Martin
The Japan Information Center, by Consul General Yutaka Yoshizawa
*  Classified Ads Section
Online-only articles:
Wisconsin Innocence Project, by Ben Freund
UW-Madison Plan 2008, by Ben Freund
WESLI, by Ken Tanemura
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