July 2005 Issue Preview
I found my Hmong American identity
in Japan

by Nancy Xiong
(A UW student's true experience)
In this article, I would like to share my experiences studying abroad in Japan and how they reconstructed my thoughts and identity.
Gemgaku Shiryoukan no Keiken - Atomic Bomb experience
It was Sept. 21, 2002, an unforgettable Saturday morning. It was one of the most devastating moments for me during my stay in Nagasaki. I spent that Saturday at the Atomic Bomb Museum -- a historical collection of the atrocities of war. On Aug. 9, 1945, Nagasaki was one of the two cities that the United States bombed."
David Martinez: Activist forever (part 2)
by Heidi M. Pascual

David Martinez (left) is author of the book "Country of Our Own: Partitioning the Philippines." A lawyer who escaped the martial law regime of Ferdinand Marcos, he continues to be an activist by stirring the minds of Filipinos anywhere through his writings and lectures.

Above: Nancy (right, back row) with Japanese girls in kimono at an international festival.
Xiaoli Wu and the Chinese pipa
by Heidi M. Pascual

      Xiaoli Wu hails from Wuhan City in the province of Hubeng, China. She grew up during the cultural revolution in China, and described the education system in China where "schools were teaching only about Communism and Mao's poetry." She said she didn't learn physics nor chemistry, when her tender age was the best age to learn the sciences. She studied pipa music and completed her course from Wuhan Conservatory of Music.
Xiaoli moved to Madison, Wis. as a student in 1988, completed her MBA from Edgewood College, settled down, and now works as an insurance agent. In between her day job and her volunteer work as interpreter in a UW hospital, Xiaoli is busy performing or mentoring youth, introducing them to the pipa, one of the oldest musical string instruments of China.

PAMANA (Philippine American Association of Madison and Neighboring Areas) Spring Fling

Filipino Americans celebrated Spring with a potluck, with a food competition highlighting the importance of rice. There was a magician that kept kids and adults alike in amazement. Filipino health care workers (nurses, physical therapists, doctors) came in a huge "delegation" to show support for their kababayans and share in the fun.
A warm heart for ice fishing
by Laura Salinger

Jim Kusuda's passion is fishing. He conducts workshops and lectures on ice fishing, and enjoys sharing his experiences and joys of fishing to youths in various Madison schools.
Reminiscing in Little Korea
by Jason Storbakken

A visit from his younger brother and a day out with him and friends (originally from Madison, Wis.) in New York City's Little Korea brought memories of South Korea. Jason taught English in S. Korea last year, and while there, his brother Jacob visited him and spent a day of fun on Jason's birthday.
July Special Feature:
Celebrating Unity and Diversity