October 2006 Issue Preview
India Day 2006 (Cover Story)
      India Day in Madison has become a regular annual event hosted by the Association of Indians in America (AIA) at the busy UW-Library Mall along State Street. The event is not only a opportunity to get together for fun and be entertained with musical numbers. Most importantly, it is a significant occasion to commemorate India's independence from Britain in 1948. Every year, for 20 years now, the Indian community, through the AIA, hosts a day of sharing Indian culture through their music, food, arts and crafts, and a display of Indian traditional and colorful clothing worn by women and children.
      AIA President-elect Anuradha Palaparti welcomed families, performers, and guests who eagerly waited for the program numbers. --
Heidi M. Pascual
Akira Toki: Why a local school is named after him
      In the early '90s, a handful of Madison-area middle schools received new names reflecting the diversity oc cultural contributions from our corner of the Midwest. To make the gesture personal and meaningful to citizens, the new names were not simply pulled from some stock list of minority celebrities; no obligatory MLK Junior High or Susan B. Anthony Middle School. No, the new names reflected not only political and cultural values, but also geographical ones: Samuel Gompers Middle School dropped the New York union man in favor of Chief Blackhawk, who led a nation of oppressed people through the heart of what would become downtown Madison. Sun Prairie native Georgia O'Keeffe was honred as well, as was still-living Madison veteran Akira Toki. --
Ben Freund
Kabzuag Vaj and the women of Freedom Inc (Part 1 of 2)
      Kabzuag Vaj is not your usual shy and quiet woman who just arrived in the United States from a Thai refugee camp. Vaj came from a Thai refugee camp all right; but that was decades ago. She is well-known in Madison and neighboring areas as an extraordinaroy Hmong woman who is not afraid to speak out on behalf of other Hmong women, youth, and families, particularly those whose lives she has touched through a program that she initiated, armed only with a heart to empower others.
      "I came to this country when I was five with my family from Laos,, or from the Thailand Refugee Camps, and I've lived in Madison all my life, pretty much," Vaj told this writer in an interview at Bayview Neighborhood Center recently. "But today, I'm going to tell you a little bit about Freedom Inc, its purpose, what we do, and why we do what we do." --
Heidi M. Pascual
Dr. Wing Fok
An Asian American educator in New Orleans reflects on Katrina

     "Before Katrina, Loyola University had a total student population of close to 8,000," Dr. Wing Fok, said. Fok is department chair of management at LU's College of Business.
      Fok estimated that before Katrina, there were somewhere between 5,000 to 6,000 Chinese in Metro New Orleans and a big Vietnamese population. Assessing the impact of Katrina on the Asian American businesses in New Orleans, Fok explained that it was difficult to tell whether a lot of these businesses left New Orleans for good. "I would say quite a few left," Fok said thoughtfully. "A lot of Vietnamese stayed on the Eastern side of New Orleans...Unfortunately, that part of the city got flooded very, very seriously. I don't think it's that easy to rebuild." --
Heidi M. Pascual
New Orleans ... one year after Katrina
A photo essay
by Heidi M. Pascual
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