If you think this coming midterm election isn't that important because the presidency isn't up for grabs, then you're wrong. Let's examine the issues that could determine the direction of our state in particular, and our country, in general. Remember, such direction will depend on the candidates we'll elect, for they might either keep the status quo or change how present-day problems are solved. Remember too, that our votes on referendum questions will have a huge impact on our lives in Wisconsin.
     Here are some of the issues we should all be concerned about:
       1) Iraq: recent polls show a growing number of Americans disapprove of the way the present administration is handling the war. Are you one of them?
      2) Economy: Pres. Bush says the economy is strong. Do you agree? [Take note: uncertain future of Social Security benefits; high gas prices; closeouts; reduced company benefits; federal minimum wage stuck at $5.15 since 1997, etc.]
       3) Immigration: Conservatives want tough measures against illegal immigration, including sealing the U.S.-Mexican border. Are you with them?
      4) Health care: According to the latest Census Bureau report, 46.6 million Americans lack health insurance. And what about long-term care and Medicare? You must have a say because you are, or will be, affected by our government's inaction!
      5) Ethics: Have you heard about corruption/influence peddling in government? Read more about lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
      Tammy Baldwin's positions on these issues are clear enough to me.
      In the gubernatorial race, look closely at the positions of Gov. Doyle and Mark Green on the following issues: access to higher education, stem cell research, taxation, campaign finance reform, transportation, immigration, energy, and the constitutional amendment on marriage.
      The Attorney General contest (Falk vs Van Hollen) is focused on drug fight, concealed weapons, civil powers, DOJ lobbyists and bill drafts, office priorities, violent crimes, etc.
     Remember these very important referendum issues:
      1) On the proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman. (I vote NO.)
      2) On the re-institution of the death penalty in the state of Wisconsin. (I vote NO.)
      3) On investing $23.5 million in MMSD schools. (I vote YES.)
       I'm not trying to persuade you to vote with me. But keep yourself informed of the issues and how your elected representatives would keep your interests in mind when they make policy decisions. Just do what your conscience tells you.
      That's why I'm voting for Baldwin, Doyle, and Falk.
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