June 2006 Issue Preview
Dr. Paramjeet S. Chopra: An Indian American humanitarian
      Born in Punjab, Dr. Chopra was exposed early on to the idea of entering the medical profession by his parents. "Your career is directed by your parents; that's the custom in our part of the world," Dr. Chopra to;d this writer in a recent interview in his office at UW Hospital and Clinics. "It was teh most valuable thing, in addition to their encouragement." Seriously pursuing this direction, Chopra was fortunate to have received merit scholarships that helped him complete his medical course in the University of Calcutta in the early '60s.  --
Heidi M. Pascual
Tibetan medicine according to Amchi K. Dolma La: A holistic approach to health
      The place is a regular Western house nestled in a peaceful mountainside side of Spring Green, Wis. A big Buddha sculpture graces the stairs to teh front door of the house, and a smaller one "guards" the big yard to the right. I was greeted warmly by Amchi Karma Dolma La, dressed in Tibetan attire topped with a Western-Style blazer. The inside of the house is decorated with everything Tibetan, from carpets to wall hangings, and several photographs of the Dalai Lama are placed on special spots throughout the house. --
Heidi M. Pascual
Younghee Esther Nam: Portrait of a traditional Korean mother as a modern American nurse
      Most babies enter this world healthy and without major complications. There are times, however, when this is not the case. New moms and.or their newborn babies sometimes face complications that are serious and require extra care. It is during these times that the competence and dedication of their doctors and nurses is of utmost importance. It is a big responsibility and one that Younghee Esther Nam does not take lightly. --
Laura Salinger
Dr. Nagasura T. Madale: Filipino Muslim scholar works for peace
      "During the last quarter of the 13th century, if not earlier, there existed already a Muslim community in Sulu," wrote Dr. Nagasura T. Madale in his article "A Look at Philippine Mosques." A Filipino Muslim scholar, Madale has written countless books and essays on peace and development, especially on the delicate issue of the Moro/Muslim minority's quest for self-governance in southern Philippines. At present, he is the first vice-president for research and extension at the Capitol University in Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. Madale is in the United States briefly to supervise a project called ACCESS Philippines program, which hopes to engage youth from southern Philippines in "interethnic dialogue and conflict resolution." --
Heidi M. Pascual
Meriter Hospital's Culture Fair
Health care for diverse cultures

      Dancing with a group of Latin American students that sang and played guitar, maracas and drums, I understood jsut what a multicultural society is about -- sharing, learning about and embracing cultural differences. At Meriter Hospital's Culture Fair on April 20, the Madison community came together to celebrate diversity.
This year marked the 5th annual fair, organized by the Diversity Council and president and CEO Terry Potter. --
Melissa Ann Janowski
Cambodian New Year (2)
      The Khmer population of Wisconsin, many of whom are refugees and survivors of the Khmer Rouge terror in the mid '70s, celebrated New Year (chol chnam) on April 15 in the tradition of Theravada Buddhism at the Theravada Buddhist Temple (wat) in Oregon. Buddhist monks presided over the offerings and the rituals before the festivity started. As always, this special day was a way to celebrate the new life in America and to recall the hardships many of the older population experienced under the Khmer Rouge regime, their daring escape to avoid the "killing fields," and their survival in a foreign land. --
Heidi M. Pascual
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