How do we show our mothers our love and eternal gratitude for everything that they have done for us, their children?
How do we make our wives feel that they are much loved and respected, for being there for us, their husbands, through thick and thin?

      In answer to the above questions, families belonging to the Association of Indians in America set aside May 20 to celebrate Mother's Day as moms' day off  of sorts and a day of fun and entertainment for the whole family. The men -- husbands, sons, and fathers -- started the day early by doing the big day's cooking at Badger Ridge Middle School. Then, later that day, mothers came all dressed up in their colorful saris to be "served" by their men. It was fun to watch women sitting comfortably and chatting with one another while the men did all the preparations for the meals served during the event.
      After a sumptuous dinner, the mothers, as well as friends and guests, were entertained by      their children and other youth performers with musical numbers and skits.  The number which presented children playing the roles of Indian heroes pleased the audience's patriotic sense, while the humorous Indian Idol skit, with a boy doing a Michael Jackson number, was a  "sold-out " true-American performance.
      Sarita Jha, AIA president, thanked the participants and volunteers who made the  day truly      memorable for mothers and women, and expressed hope that next year's event would be as meaningful and colorful as this year's.
Association of Indians in America
Honoring our mothers
by Heidi M. Pascual
(Left) AIA President Sarita Jha
July 2006 Issue Preview