February 2005 Issue
Vol. I No. 2
MATC's Eugene Fujimoto
Follow the story of the Vang Family of Madison, WI in
Part 2 of the story, "The Hmong among US,"
by Heidi M. Pascual.
A Tibetan youth performs at Madison Metropolitan School District's Doyle Bldg.
Professor Tsai-Fa Cheng's Dream
Ayumi Hamasaki
Okinawa Taiko Drummers of  Madison West High School
Javanese Gamelan
Loung Ung: Daughter of Cambodia
Prayerstones that says a litany that is both a symbol of the Buddhist way of life and an expression of a way of being. (On the road to Shangri-La)
Limbuk and Cangik (above) preserve Javanese culture through gamelan music and dance (right).
Tibetan youth from Minnesota entertained Madison audience at MMSD last fall.
And many more stories including: Tibet and China; Korea's political history; Thubten Sangha interview; Imperial Garden East restaurant; plus columns from Asian Wisconzine's editorial advisory board!!
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Cove Story:
Tibet's Shang-riLa