December 2007 Issue
Editor's Corner:
Love and community"
December 2007
Stories and Columns
A conversation with Phoebe Eng
Woman power
* Talking with students: Afterthoughts,
by Paul Kusuda

* Freedom and justice in Islam,
by John S. Pinto

* Philippine Cultural & Civic Center's FREE Medical Clinic: Volunteers for a cause (2),
by Heidi M. Pascual

*  "Nena": More than just a pretty face,
by Laura Salinger

* Myanmar Peace Rally in Milwaukee,
by Debby Tewes

* Cambodian School Project: The essence of "looking back,"
by Heidi M. Pascual

* United Way's agenda,
by Renee Moe

* Wisconsin Tamil Sangam Muthamiz Vizha,
by Heidi M. Pascual
* UW-Madison 8th Annual Diversity Plan 2008 Campus Forums (part 2),
by Heidi M. Pascual

* Asian Festival in Silver City,
by Debby Tewes

* Johnny Ly: A UW Hmong student leader speaks,
by Heidi M. Pascual

* Qaug Dab Peg or Epilepsy? Maybe both,
by Pa Britney Xiong

* Wisconsin Bengali community's Durga Puja,
by Heidi M. Pascual

* Being a tourist in my hometown,
by Shang Zuo

* Harry Lum: Growing his business from the basement up,
by Laura Salinger

* Community Shares of Wisconsin's awardees
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