Ramya Kapadia’s Bharatanatya Arangetram:
Classical dance excellence
By Heidi M. Pascual

   From the moment Ramya Kapadia entered the stage to the moment
she took her final vow, I was in awe, and so was the rest of her
audience. Ramya’s elegant presence and world-class dancing was
nothing short of excellent. In
Laya Kavitai, Ramya showed that she
has fully imbibed the poetry in rhythm created by the
(primordial sound). In the
Varnam, the central piece of her recital,
Ramya’s outstanding skill in
nrita (pure dance) and in abhinaya
(mime and expression) was at its height. In the
Padam, Ramya was
very expressive of love and devotion to God and other loved ones.
The sweetness and grace of the dance was in contrast to the brisk
spins and energetic moves of the previous number. Ramya’s version
of the
Tillana brought forth her extraordinary skill at executing
rhythmic footwork and truly beautiful staturesque poses.
Accompanied by accomplished musicians led by her Guru, Kripa
Baskaran, Ramya’s
arangetram, for the record, was one of the very
best I have ever seen in Wisconsin.
With Guru Kripa Baskaran
Natyarpana Dance Company Crew
World-class live orchestra