Ramya Kapadia's Bharatnatya Arangetram
Indian Classical dance excellence
A video report by Heidi M. Pascual

   Ramya Kapadia (nee Sundaresan) performed a very successful Arangetram on June 29, 2008 at
Oregon Performing Arts Center. Hers was one of the very best Bharatnatyam performances I have ever
seen in Wisconsin. Ramya's huge audience indeed expected no less, for she has been under the tutelage
of Guru Kripa Baskaran (Natyarpana School of Dance) since 2003. Baskaran is well-known for her
ability to mold dance students into great stage performers, elegantly world-class, and beautiful
ambassadors of this Indian classical dance-Bharatnatyam.
   Ramya is a senior member of Natyarpana's performing troupe and has performed in several dance
productions all over the United States and several local plays. Not only does she excel in dance; she
also is tops in singing Carnatic songs. Ramya now heads Natyarpana's music department and she also
teaches music in the Division of Continuing Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Plus,
Ramya has master's degrees in Medical Physics and Neuroscience from UW-Madison, and writes for
The Capital City Hues newspaper, Asian Wisconzine's sister publication.
   If you missed to see Ramya's Arangetram, you missed a lot ... but click on the brief video below and
you'll get a glimpse of our wonderful experience watching Ramya's beautiful, graceful, and extraordinary
performance, to the delight of her fans, family, friends, and the whole Indian community.