CWAG Alert: The Affordable Care Act vs the GOP Health Care Plan
From A.J. Nino Amato
Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

Many Americans over the age of 60 will have to pay substantially more for health insurance under the Republican Ryan-Trump
Healthcare Plan - and tragically, over 24 million will lose their healthcare insurance - low-income families, people with
disabilities, hepatitis infections and opioid addictions, among others, would no longer receive treatment that they currently
have now under the Affordable Care Act.

As for the billions of dollars of cuts and savings that Ryan and Trump plan on making, by reducing health care benefits to
American citizens currently covered under the Affordable Care Act - those billions of dollars of savings will be going to the
richest 1% of America's top millionaires and billionaires, as well as anyone who earns at least $700,000 a year according to
the Tax Policy Center.

A disproportionate amount of the savings would go to the richest of the rich - those earning in the millions.

The Republican health care bill is, in no small measure, a tax cut for the wealthy 1%.

As for Paul Ryan's response in defense of cutting health care benefits for older, sicker and poorer Americans to pay for a top-
end tax cut, House Speaker Paul Ryan offered a revealing and typical Washington Establishment non-answer, as noted by
journalist Jonathan Chait of the New York Magazine.

At Ryan's big press conference a reporter asked Paul Ryan why the bill cuts taxes for the rich, Ryan laughed, waved the
question away, told the reporter to read the bill and then moved on to another question.

It's now evident that Ryan has shown his cold-hearted colors, because Ryan doesn't care about the rich getting richer and the
poor paying the price. It also indicates Ryan can't even publicly defend these tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

As of today, the list of Heath Care Groups and Advocacy Organizations who oppose the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan now
AARP, CWAG, the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the Association of American Medical
Colleges, the Catholic Health Association of the United States, the Children's Hospital Association, the National Council on
Aging and the National Council of Consumer Organizations

Below is CWAG's Detailed Review of the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan.

(1) Under the Ryan-Trump Health Care Plan - citizens will see their health care benefits from the Affordable Care Act get cut by
$1.2 billion dollars, resulting in devastating consequences to our elderly and to low and middle income working families;
(2) 24 million American Citizens will lose their health coverage over the next several years, with even more American Citizens
losing their healthcare coverage in future years;
(3) The value of tax credits, under the Ryan-Trump Plan, actually decreases by 50% - causing increase healthcare costs to low
income and middle class families - which will raise health care costs and heath insurance coverage for those families;
(4) Insurance Companies can now charge 25% higher deductibles and copays, forcing a typical middle income families to pay
$2,500 more per person, per year - before your insurance health care converge kicks in;
(5) Raises supplemental heath care premiums for people on Medicare, by 20-25% for older Americans and worse yet,
increase non-MEDICARE heath care costs from $1,700 annually to a shocking $14,600 annually for those of us who are age
(6) Radically restructures and changes Medicare from covering 80% of healthcare costs, to a "for-profit coupon program" that
will only cover 50-70% of our healthcare costs. As for Medicaid, the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan, turns those costs over to all
50 states, pushing these additional costs onto us State Taxpayers;
(7) Will take away healthcare and long term care coverage from over 24 million of Americans;
(8) Based on the CBO and best research on the impact of the Ryan-Trump Health Care Plan will result in an increase from
premature deaths, by over 28,000 American Citizens per year;
(9) Will Increase Hospital and Health Care Insurance Costs, when 24 million Americans who no longer have healthcare
insurance will be forced to go to Hospital Emergency Rooms for colds, flus and for taking care of their sick children. These
medical emergency costs can be 10 to 20 times more expensive than going to a doctor's office or clinic, which means the rest
of us will end up paying for their coverage; and
(10) Adding "insult to injury," the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan, is "Robin Hood In-Reverse," robbing the poor and working
families in America and giving that money to America's wealthiest people, which is only 1% of the American population, along
with windfalls to for the for-profit insurance and drug corporations.
This is not only un-American and fiscally irresponsible - it is a moral disgrace for the richest country in the World, to treat their
citizens and elderly with disdain, while giving wealthy Americans and wealthy Insurance and Drug Companies more money
and more tax breaks.

This is why the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups and its coalition partners and members, are working together in
challenging the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan.

Over the next 3-4 months, CWAG will be holding Public Town Hall Meetings throughout Paul Ryan's Congressional district -
since Paul Ryan has refused to hold "open to the public" town hall meetings.

Instead, Ryan is holding a series of fundraising events for his corporate big donors and millionaire friends, who are the Drug
and Insurance Corporations, that will financially benefit from the Ryan-Trump Health Care Plan.

If you'd like to volunteer and join CWAG and others, in challenging the Ryan-Trump Healthcare Plan, please personally contact
me at 608-514-3317