In Face of Trump's Attacks, Milwaukee Declares Support for
Immigrants & Refugees
From Voces de la Frontera

As Trump bars all refugees, walls off the country, and builds a deportation force, Milwaukee County pro-immigrant, anti-
discrimination resolution advances

MILWAUKEE, WI – Last January 25, a resolution declaring opposition to discrimination and support for immigrants and
refugees, LGBTQ people, women, Muslims, African-Americans, Latinxs and others advanced through the Health and Human
Needs Committee of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Over 100 community members attended the vote, with 82
registering and speaking in favor of the resolution. Those present came from Voces de la Frontera, NAACP Milwaukee,
Milwaukee LGBT Community Center, and different Muslim, Jewish, and Christian congregations.

The resolution will be voted on by the full Milwaukee County Board next Thursday, February 2nd. In its final form, the resolution
is expected to instruct Milwakee County Sheriff David Clarke to not enroll his department in the controversial 287g program,
which would deputize local law enforcement as ICE agents. The resolution also will declare that ICE agents should not enter
courthouses and that Sheriff Clarke should not turn people over to ICE absent a judge's order. The resolution will also declare
the County's intent to create a legal defense fund to support immigrants in deportation cases that highlight any constitutional
or civil rights violations of Milwaukee County residents.

The resolution passed the same day that Donald Trump signed Executive Orders seeking to bar all refugees for 120 days,
ban Muslim refugees from certain majority Muslim countries including Syria, build a wall along the Mexico-US border, expand
the controversial 287g program, hire thousands more Border Patrol agents, and build more detention centers for immigrants
and asylum-seekers.

"Trump's attacks are unconstitional, immoral, and racist," said Christine Neumann-Ortiz of Voces de la Frontera. "The order to
build a border wall is wasteful and intended to promote prejudice. Net migration from Mexico to the US has been 0 since 2012.
The US side of the border has the lowest crime rates in the country. At a time when we need to invest our public dollars in job
creation, health care, and our nation's infrastructure to guarantee safe drinking water, upgrade schools and repair roads,
building a wall is a gross misuse of public dollars. This is also true of the order to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents. ICE
and the Border Patrol combined receive more funding than any other law enforcement agency. We need to ensure that the
Border Patrol respects the rights of asylum-seekers, honors indigenous sovereignty on federal land, and is held accountable
for excessive force and racial profiling."  

"The 287g program has been discredited because it has led to increased racial profiling, violations of people's consitutional
rights, and increased fear of law enforcement, undermining public safety. Counties that have adopted the program in the past
have spent millions defending themselves in litigation."

"Local government must lead the way in challenging this hate-mongering and affirm the values and policies that treat all
people with respect and dignity. Our cities and counties should not allow themselves to be bullied, and on the contrary should
champion the positive contributions of all residents and strengthen civil and constitutional protections. We are proud that today
Milwaukee County recognized the vital contributions of immigrants and other members of our diverse community. Voces de la
Frontera is committed to organizing to defend DACA, keep 287g out, and keep our families together.  We are committed to
working in coalition with other communities targeted by Trump to stop the scape-goating and fear-mongering and create
solutions that will help all families thrive."


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