ASHA-Madison & Indian Graduate Students Association
                   Raising funds for an agrarian crisis
By Heidi M. Pascual

 “Unhealthy reliance on patented seed sources, fall-out of organic
farming methods and unsupportive government policies have unfavorably
positioned the India farmer in the global market. Increasing debt,
dejection and harassment from money lenders have led to more than
100,000 suicides in the last decade.
  “Asha Madison intends to better the plight of the debilitated farmers
and their families through the following campaigns: 1) educating farmers
and their families on the issue; 2) encouraging them to switch from cash
crops to food crops; and 3) enabling the children of farmers to go to
school instead of working in the fields.”

  To accomplish the above goals, nonprofit ASHA Madison and the UW-
Madison Indian Graduate Students Association (IGSA) recently
presented Kripa Baskaran and the Natyarpana Dance Company in a
unique concert called “Sacred Geometry: an experiment in time and
space” at Orpheum Theater on Madison’s State Street.
A blending of grace, beauty, and energy went into the dance numbers
that projected geometrical shapes and figures on a white screen behind
the dancers. The perfectly executed movements that challenged
limitations of time and space highlighted Baskaran’s mastery of her craft
and the standard at which her students must perform. It was
Bharatnatyam at its best, a world-class tribute to this beautiful and sacred
classic Indian dance.
  It’s equally important to salute ASHA Madison, IGSA, and Natyarpana
Dance Company for the obviously huge effort spent to realize this project
with the ultimate goal of looking back at India’s farmers and doing
something good for them and their families.
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Kripa Baskaran (L) leads her Natyarpana
dancers in "Sacred Geometry."